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Container Transportation

Modern transport companies are striving to find more versatile and economical solutions for the transportation of various goods, so the transportation of containers has become widespread. This type of transportation allows you to quickly and cost-effectively deliver goods.

Groupage Freight Transportation

Qrupaj yüklərin çatdırılması - “ABA Logistics” şirkətinin fəaliyyətinin prioritet istiqamətlərindən biridir. Biz müştərilərdən gələn hər bir sorğuya fərdi yanaşaraq sizin istəyinizdən və yükün harada olmasından asılı olaraq, çatdırılmanın müddət və qiyməti haqqında ən optimal variant təklif edirik. Qrupaj yüklər kiçik və orta biznes nümayəndələri üçün ən əlverişli çatdırılma növüdür. Müxtəlif alıcılara məxsus olan kiçik partiyalardan ibarət olan yüklər bir nəqliyyat vasitə ilə rahatlıqla daşınılır.

Oversized Cargo Transportation

When carrying oversized cargo, the preparation of necessary documents, obtaining approvals and permits, as well as the development of the route plan and other related issues can be challenging. Our experts are ready to simplify the process and provide prompt assistance.

Multimodal Transportation

Mixed or multimodal transportation is one of the most challenging types of freight transportation. To find the most accurate route for transporting goods, it is possible to combine various types of transportation, ranging from road and rail to sea and air freight.

Sea Freight Transportation

Sea transportation can be an urgent necessity in many cases, and sometimes it is the only possible means of delivering the cargo to the required destination.

Rail Freight Transportation

Rail freight transportation is one of the most reliable and safe transportation methods for transporting large-sized goods. "ABA Logistics" offers competitive financial proposals for this type of service.

Road Freight Transportation

Thanks to the convenience of the road transport system, road freight transportation is one of the most popular methods for delivering goods worldwide. Our experts select the required transportation type and route, ensuring safe and high-quality road transportation for your cargo.

Air Transportation

We offer our air transportation services to deliver your cargo in a short time. We guarantee a personalized approach and affordable prices. We have full control over the air transportation process of your cargo and quickly solve any issues. Your cargo is delivered safely and in a short period of time.

About Us

About Us

ABA Logistics LLC started its activity in 2006. For more than 14 years, ABA Logistics LLC, which has managed to make itself known in the logistics market and has established itself as a reliable partner, is distinguished by its work, based on its existing mission and values, and also contributes to the development of the logistics market in Azerbaijan. The daily expansion of the company's client base has led to an increase in our staff, the opening of our new warehouses (Europe, Turkey, Russia) and directions in many countries of the world, the creation of projects. The main field of activity of ABA Logistics is the implementation of international cargo transportation to Azerbaijan and in the opposite direction by any means of transport (road, rail, air and sea) from anywhere in the world.

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Customer reviews

When I decided to open a gym, one of my biggest problems was the transportation of the necessary fitness equipment and gym equipment. With the recommendation of my relatives, I entrusted this work to ABA Logistics and I did it well. All my orders arrived faster than I thought and in excellent condition. ABA Logistics has played a big role in my success today.

Tamerlan Abbasov

Fitness station owner

I have been working as an interior designer for many years, and the quality of my work depends on the quality and professionalism of the moving company. ABA Logistics understands the importance of timely delivery of furniture and supplies to me. Thanks to their attention to their work, my goods arrive in perfect condition and on time. Thanks to ABA Logistics, it has become easier for me to create spaces with a beautiful and pleasant aura

Kamil Mirzayv

İnterior designer

From the time I cooperated with ABA Logistics to this day, I trust only them for all my transportation work. So far, all of my products shipped with ABA Logistics have arrived on time. That's why I recommend ABA Logistics to everyone I know.

Murad Safarov


What sets ABA Logistics apart from other logistics companies is their individual customer service approach to each customer. When I work with them, I feel like more than just a regular customer. The ABA Logistics team spends a lot of time clarifying my shipping needs and preferences, which is why they are the best at what they do. Such attention and care of ABA Logistics to their work is truly commendable.

Fazil Muradov


During the holiday season, I needed a logistics company that could handle the increased volume of orders. ABA Logistics stepped up to the challenge and exceeded my expectations. Despite the busy period, they maintained their commitment to on-time deliveries and the packages arrived in excellent condition. Their flexibility and dedication made a significant positive impact on my business.

Nahid Shabanov